Ways to Donate

Monetary Donations

Thank you for your consideration in supporting the people of Montgomery and the surrounding communities through Community of Hope. Through your donation, you are Helping Others Prepare for Eternity.

The Community of Hope is funded strictly by donations from individuals, local churches & Bible classes, civic organizations, and grants from companies or faith based organizations.  The combination of the donations received from all sources allows the ministry to continue operations.  Thank you for your donations in the past and for considering a donation today.

Funds are used to meet the ministry’s administrative expenses for facility utilities, vehicle expense, wages, office supplies, and to purchase food for the food pantry ministry.


Non-Monetary Donations

We receive non-monetary donations such as clothing, food, furniture, appliances, electronics, books, toiletries, school uniforms, school supplies & backpacks; any items used in a household are always needed.

Drop-Off Times at the Ministry Center:

1st (or Tuesday prior to 1st Wednesday of month) & 3rd Tuesdays 9:00am-1:00pm

1st & 3rd Wednesdays 9:00am-2:00pm

Please call (334) 235-2634 or (334) 399-9993 prior to delivery to insure our staff is available or to schedule a drop-off time.

Suggested Items to Collect:

Bag of dry peas and bag of rice Can of tuna & box of Tuna Helper
Can of chili & a box of crackers  Jar of jelly & jar of peanut butter
 Can of apple or grape juice & a box of Pop-Tarts Box of dry milk & box of grits or oatmeal
 Can of beef stew & corn muffin mix  Soup & box of crackers
Can of meat & can of vegetable Spaghetti sauce & noodles
2 lb. canned ham & can of vegetables Soap, deodorant, & shampoo
Toothbrush & toothpaste  Other toiletries or non-perishables

Items Needed Now, but Not in Stock:

Diapers: size 3, 4, & 5

A few suggestions for collecting non-monetary donations:

  • Organize collection of suggested items listed above from your Bible class, civic organization, sports team, or other group you are a part of
  • Collect suggested items during Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Hold a sports team challenge!  Have two collection boxes marked with your favorite teams’ logos at your place of employment, missions groups, or children’s Bible classes.  Fans of each team must fill the box with donations of the above-listed items, and whichever team has more items at the end of donation period wins!
Community of Hope volunteer sorting donations

Volunteer sorting donations

Community of Hope food pantry

Community of Hope food pantry